Do not believe the drunk texter – and that’s how Christmas and birthday treats ended…

Do not believe the drunk texter

She had broken her own rule, and caved in. So it was no surprise the world decided to punish her.

Do not believe the drunk texter

She had broken her own rule, and caved in. So it was no surprise the world decided to punish her.

They had been messaging each other until 1am and Daisy really thought that they were getting somewhere. He was clearly relaxed (definition drunk) and she high on his being so into her.

The original plan, or rather invitation had been to go around to his house while his mother was out. An idea which screamed immediate seduction, de-clothing in any room they were in, if not the hallway! And Daisy most likely finding her knickers around her ankles. Not something she was immediately hugely adverse to and Fit Family Friend was gorgeous and proficient at arousing her, but! Kate, Daisy’s bestie had strongly advised that Daisy try not to sleep with him which was an optimistic concept but one Daisy was open to considering until tempted.

However what had seemed a far better idea to Daisy was a walk along a windswept beach followed by a game of pool at the Blue Bar on Porthtowan…

After their heady night of alleyway fumbling, and then that gorgeous sexy, erotic conversation, Daisy waited patiently for Fit Family Friend to message her.

Nothing. So she messaged him.

And so began a day in which she broke all her rules..

[11:41 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Hello tiger 🐅 how is your day going?

[11:49 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: To be honest. Not the best. Feel like shit. How are you?

[11:50 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Oh darling, physically? Or mentally?

[11:52 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Paracetamol? Of hug 🤗 required? X

[11:54 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Both!

[12:00 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Take a pain killer, drink copious amounts of water 🙂 and traffic will be rubbish leaving Truro later so how about we grab a drink somewhere?

[12:01 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Then I can deliver a hug in person.

She can’t wait to feel his body. So solid and hard against her. She is excited. She can’t help but smile.

[12:06 PM, 1/7/2020] FFF: I’m not driving anywhere sorry. Besides I don’t trust myself.

Oh, dear. Why does she feel like things are starting to go wrong…

[12:06 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: No not you driving – I drive to Truro and meet you there.

[12:07 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: If it makes you feel any better I seem to be a secret catholic and suffer with pleasure guilt lol… We can stay in a well lit environment so you don’t turn into a vampire 🧛‍♀ 😂

[12:08 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Joke.

[12:10 PM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Don’t feel guilty. It was lovely to finally feel how soft you are.

[12:11 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: I’ll stop the self flagellation for a bit then – 😉

[12:12 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: See how you feel later but I could pop around about 4/30 5 and we could walk over to bustophers of similar x

[12:15 PM, 1/7/2020] FFF: I’m in highbination. Not going anywhere. Scared how I will deal with the plumber at 2pm.

She says a positive message, something along the lines of, ‘I don’t want to be some pushy, assertive woman, you’ve had enough of those in your life – but do be kind to yourself. It’s been a tiring Christmas. Cut yourself some slack. Take time to recuperate and regroup.’

[1:04 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Hope that wasn’t too much? X

[1:11 PM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Very kind message thank you. Lovely to have such a nice friend.

[1:28 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: It was just a song to cheer you up – but thought I had probably over done it with my positive motivational pitch for you 🙄

[4:04 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy:

[4:07 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Why don’t you take your mum if you aren’t up to seeing me?

[4:11 PM, 1/7/2020] Oliver Scott: I’m not going any were today!

Rather content in my own little world tinkering and fixing the house. Please don’t take it personally.

[4:12 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: I don’t x I’ve been there x enjoy xx

[5:11 PM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: One last thing before I leave you in peace 🙂 if you feel up to it try and book a Councelling /therapy session for the next few weeks so you can decompress from Christmas?

You seemed really angry still about it all that walk we had so long ago around the lunch bowl and now you seem more happy in yourself. I realise that is for a lot of different reasons but it never hurts to talk things through

And that’s how Daisy’s Christmas ends, and her new year begins.

She takes a deep sigh, and realised this will be a year or reinvention and education. So that if next year, she gets another opportunity for such a delicious birthday present as an alleyway fingering, her body is slightly closer to the Brazilian Yoga instructor Daisy suspects FFF should be with in reality. That might be who she thinks he might be with – but there is no harm in trying to be a better version of that ideal.

Watch this space…

Addicted to Ergo

‘Element of suffering in true love”

Fuck. This sounds remarkably familiar.

Mental note – if the courting process is making me cry tears more often then I cry out from the throws of happiness from daily life or from orgasms I need to pinch myself and get out.

After far too many years to count its time to start loving myself and stop chasing men who are unavailable or just twats.

And just incase I wasn’t going to be able to execute this here, in my present location, circumstances are such that I’m moving to Cornwall in four days. Yes, home of clotted cream and pasties. An ideal time to get back on with my Fasting and Abstinence diet I feel. If I don’t collapse and die from the exhaustion of packing before then that is….

No more ‘sexy texts’ from me…

No more ‘ #sexy #texts ‘ from me…. I haven’t heard form #familyfriend for two weeks now, after his bizarre #disappearance but now, I believe it’s time to move on – so I’ve sent him a picture of a 19th century #viaduct

I cracked. But I had good reason to.

My father while waiting for some medical appointment was in a waiting room when he saw a copy of ‘Spirit Magazine’ which was about steam traction engines. Inside the pages were some delightful illustrations of some viaducts in Devon and Cornwall. One of the pictures, in particular, was of the Viaduct in Truro, which is where Family Friend hails from.

Dear reader, I realise that the link between a 19th-century viaduct and a possible sexual conquest is tenable so that is exactly why I sent it. Because quite simply, I have not forgiven him his ‘disappearance’ the other Sunday, and now I am quite decided.

He will not be having sex with me.

Deep sigh.

A tilt of the head.

Yes. I will no longer be catering to this mans desires with photographs of me in lingerie, standing at provocative angles. No more me being ‘friendly’ and ‘flirty’. No. We are right back to where we started and there will never be another peep out of me about anything sexual.

Of course, I still want to be friends with him though! So when I saw this beautiful illustration of a viaduct it seemed perfect! The perfect friendship breaker? Yes.

Oh and it’s his birthday on Thursday, so I have also Amazon Primed him a Design Museum History of the Bike with the, I believe a casual message.

‘Dear ‘Family Friend’, wishing you a very happy birthday from Daisy and family xxx’.

There you go, darling. You may want to pretend none of the thousands of messages happened, but I am not going to forget them. No, not one bit. 😉