Dating rule 1: No response to text message so… DON’T send a second one!

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Dating rule 1:

It was only a recommendation for ‘The Two Popes’ film on Netflix, but the truth is, if you couldn’t be bothered to respond to that – then I’m not going to chase you.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but so often I’ve tried to show that I care and it’s totally backfired. This time round things will be different. I’m getting on with my own life. I’ve got lots to do and I’m not going to let some man distract me from my goals.

There is writing to be done, and art. And already my head is full with ideas that if I don’t get down soon may make my brain explode.

His ex is super successful and I know that whatever happens I’ve got to make myself self sufficient and successful in my areas of passion too. Not to compete, but just because I can see how sexy that is and the only thing that’s held me back from that in the past is being sick and I’m getting better now.

My life has got to fulfil me. Excite me. Satisfy me. Because ‘a man should be like the icing on your cake’. You can take or leave him, because your cake is so damn delicious!

Today I’m cracking on with a list of what needs to be done and then… well, I’ve archived his messages and if he texts I will turn off read receipts. I really don’t have time for a man who isn’t making me a priority in his life. Life is too precious. I’ve not spent 18 years sick to be placed on call waiting. No regrets. Hello 2020.

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