He’s someone who gets what he wants… late night lunacy…

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She gets the impression he always gets what he wants and she is not good at saying no to anyone. Especially someone who makes her giddy when he touches her, and weak at the knees when his lips touch hers. And here she is, telling the man she fancies the pants off, that no, she can’t see him tomorrow night. Her pelvic muscles contract when she thinks about him. And locked in the bathroom with her Satisfyer Pro which she as finally, almost, worked out how to use, she looks at her reflection in the mirror and wonders what he can possibly see in her. The Pro vibrates against her pelvic bone, while the clitoral suction flicks her clitoris gently back and forth, the lightest caress increasing to the tongue flick she has never been able to bare in real life. Closing her eyes she remembers the warmth of his breath so close to her, and how she looked up, and then was barely able to see for the rush of blood that was flooding her body and corrupting her mind.

Now he is insatiable, a man who has heard her moan, felt her body shake and now wants her. To be wanted is what she wanted, and what turns her on. But when she can’t satisfy him now. It’s too late. It’s too cold, too dark, and too impractical. And to be frank, although his body runs hot like him, she is almost always cold and pneumonia is not something she is prepared to risk even for someone so fit.

His original invite to an empty house was tempting. But there was also an element of her knowing that she wants to be in control of what happens next. She has shown willing. She let his hands explore her, touching her, stroking there, and after a while sliding inside her. To feel him in her, his fingers softly exploring…

But now he is persistent. Hungry for her. The animal unleashed and she cannot, she will not oblige. As much as she wants him, aches for him, she must be strong. She has worth. She has standards. She will not be fucked in an alley after waiting all these years. She wants comfort. The softness of sheets, warmth, a place to lay her head. A place to rest after the intensity of his lust and penetration.

Today she admitted to Kate what her #christmaswishwas – her #dream of him and her – and Kate tutted, and she could sense the shake of the head through the phone line.
“Oh Daisy, you have so much invested in this! You can’t sleep with him. Not if you want a relationship! You mustn’t!”

And she does agree. Almost. But then she checks herself and realizes that they have known each other for years and wouldn’t she rather know? Know that they weren’t compatible? That they didn’t fit. Weren’t meant to be so entwined…

But as the evening progresses she grows weak… His words seduce her and she falls into the honey trap of arousal caused by his sweet delicious words.

The day had started in an ordinary uncomplicated way…

She waits for him to text and eventually…

[10:50 AM, 1/6/2020] FFF: Crashed out as soon as I got back, think it was the walk.

It had been a super walk. The sort of walk which filled your lungs and spoilt your eyes with the beauty of the Cornish scenery. But Daisy does not think this is what wore him out…

[11:08 AM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: 😮I hope I didn’t wear you out? 😇

[11:55 AM, 1/6/2020] FFF: You did not have a chance!

[12:33 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: Any time tomorrow for a beach walk and a last game of pool before you head home?

[3:06 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: Bit of a stacked day tomorrow now. No reply on the earlier offer, so have lights and taps and cooker filters and plumbers arriving tomorrow. Boring.

Daisy pauses, depressed and disappointed. She had desperately wanted to lay her eyes on that fine figure of a man. See him, watch him, want him from close quarters.

[3:39 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: Well as much as I was incredibly tempted by your offer, being alone in a house with you seemed dangerous. 😉 Shame about the 🏖 walk – I was thinking Portowan, windswept with breaking  🌊 and then pool and a 🍺 in the Blue Bar. Maybe cinema in the evening.. Oh well – maybe another time.

Up country on Wednesday so last night was farewell for a while I suppose. 🙃

[4:37 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: That is exactly what I intended, it to be dangerous and have more time exploring things that make you quiver.


[6:53 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: Just a thought. The plumber is in at 2pm. Could be finished by 4. We could do that dusk Towan walk if you want? I just have to let you know how things are progressing. Thoughts?

Daisy’s ears prick up. Excitement coursing through her veins. Then she realises the reality of the situation. At that time for him to leave Truro there would be traffic. By the time he got to the beach it would be dark. And of course it’s sods law but the Blue Bar where she had so been looking forward to going is shut until February.

[8:24 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: Oh that would have been fun! Unfortunately it will be getting dark by then and the bar is shut until February 12th – now that is boring isn’t it?

[8:44 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: Yes, but we could still walk, a sunset dusk stroll could be fun?

FFF is just back from a two week stint in the Caribean and Daisy suspects he is imagining the warm sunsets that he most recently experienced out there. Currently in the westcountry although the temperature is not often as low as it could be, a high chill factor does make being outside similar to stepping into a freezer. Sunset is likely to be lost to low grey cloud and based on the fact they are both often cold outside, he will be dressed as an Eskimo and her in her old ski jacket. Hardly the most fetching attire, but more than necessary in their current surroundings.

[8:48 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: Don’t say no. I want you again.

Daisy has waited so long to hear such words fall from such sweet lips. And yet, he is an animal intoxicated with her allure and unexplained mystique. He has touched her now, finally felt her skin for real, and all these words are ones based on desire and lust, not actual love which is what she craves for him to feel for her.

[9:33 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: Flattered though I am that you (the man who doesn’t like mud 🙂 would venture out in the cold and dark to spend time with me – I’m almost always cold 🥶 so pneumonia doesn’t unfortunately appeal… spring soon! Then summer – dresses, and skirts warm weather and beach walks – doesn’t that sound much better?

She hopes she has created a tempting scene, reminiscent of post cards from the 1980’s with the sunsets that seemed unreal and women, anorexic in terms of weight with long flowy shirts, and replicas of Barbie’s Ken, or Action Man on their arms.

[9:50 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: Yes. But mud is not a problem as long as I’m prepared for it. You did not seem cold last night.  Quite flushed over dinner. I could at least try and warm you? You are so tight and wet when you want to be. Loved you moaning in my ear as I felt you… I want more of you.

‘Yippee!’ thinks Daisy silently.

[10:37 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: Trust me – it’s a mutual feeling…

[10:43 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: Well let me have that. I so want to make you cum and taste you… You are so tight, I  loved opening you… By the way, how is your nipple after I bit it ?

Daisy has left her phone downstairs. He is too much of a temptation not to text back immediately.

[11:32 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: I want to feel how tight you are on my cock. Miss you need to be fucked hard.

She eventually cracks…

[11:49 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: It’s dangerous territory when someone turns you on so much… don’t worry I definitely won’t be thinking about you once you have  gone back home 🙂

Thank you Mathew Hussey – I’m taking that straight from one of your videos!

[11:53 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: I’m not adverse to a risky outdoor fumble – tbh – I rather enjoy the excitement but I do prefer it in warmer months with less restrictive clothing. But in honesty – when I feel you in me for that first time, sliding inside me, long and hard stroking my inner walls, I want to have the comfort of warmth so if I pass out from the pleasure you can just continue fucking me until I wake up- not all of us run as hot as you do darling. 🙂

Daisy tries to be poetic when she can.

[11:54 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: You had my shaking in the alleyway – and I was trying to be quiet terribly badly!

[11:55 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: I noticed. Loved you over the wall. You felt so warm.

[11:56 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: Blood rushing to so many parts of me as you aroused me!

[11:58 PM, 1/6/2020] FFF: I noticed. You were flushed at dinner. Do you think they noticed?

Drat, thinks Daisy. She really thought she had it under control…

[11:59 PM, 1/6/2020] Daisy: lol I wondered about that. I hope it just looked like it was cold outside! My head was totally screwed – knocked water over my mother – nearly gave the dogs the wrong food, then was trying not to think bad thoughts while entertaining polite conversation and wondering what it would be like to work my way over and around your body with my lips, teeth and tongue…

[12:01 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: I noticed. You were all over the shop.

[12:01 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: oh god… chuckles….

[12:02 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Meanwhile you just purred your way through dinner….

[12:02 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Lucky I did not get the chance to lick you. You would have been a mess.

[12:03 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: I would have been on the floor. Literally –

[12:03 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Can I try and do that to you?

[12:04 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: I want to taste you.

[12:06 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: you can try…. but I always need a little warming up so kisses are appreciated… feeling your lips, the tip of your tongue in my mouth encourages the opening of the door to my imagination of what else might be possible… that’s a turn on.

[12:09 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Well time was limited… Loved the way your tongue moved as I fingered you.

[12:12 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Practicality is a huge turn on too… 🙂 – ref. time 🙂

[12:15 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Loved how you felt. I what more of you.

[12:20 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Can we do 4:30 at the beach?

She’s thinking. Trying to work it out.

[12:42 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Is that a yes?

[12:45 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Sweet dreams 😉

[12:46 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Loved sucking those nipples…

[12:46 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: They loved being played with…

She can’t resist him…

[12:47 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: They are very very sensitive…

[12:47 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: You were so tight and I loved feeling your wet pussy…

She sighs.

[12:48 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Best birthday treat! I felt rather spoiled!

It was. It was the best birthday present she could have asked for. For so many years loving him, and not being noticed… And now he craves her. Like an addict he must be sated, but not yet…

[12:49 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Glad you enjoyed it. Loved feeling you, exploring you… you are wonderful…

WONDERFUL? Oh please please, let you not be too drunk? I realy want you to want me, to like me, to need me and crave me..

[12:50 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Just wish I got the chance to taste you.

One day you will. Be patient.

[12:50 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: I’m greatly looking forward to seeing and feeling and tasting you darling 😋

[12:52 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Believe me I’d love to cum over you as you are on all fours as you suck me.

She is never quite sure of how that would work – logistically – figuratively – if they actually played it out, but she doesn’t really mind. She is just so happy he wants her.

[12:53 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Purrs…

[12:53 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Can we walk tomorrow and touch each other?

[12:54 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Just remember any time you see me eating ice cream and licking the cone out I’m practicing tongue exercises 😉

[12:54 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Practice on me.

[12:55 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Can’t darling I said I would help pack – another time

[12:55 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: I’m so out of practice I would appreciate that greatly – 😂

[12:56 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Oh well.  Time to call it a night.

[12:56 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: Sleep well x

[12:56 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Night night.

[12:56 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: X

[12:56 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: X

No Daisy. No… No… No….

[1:05 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: FFS 🙃 you should have been a lawyer – I will see what I can do – BUT do try and behave slightly? X

[1:05 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: I’m not getting pneumonia before I’ve been fucked in the warm by you!

[1:06 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: No chance. I like just taking you.

In the darkness Daisy misreads ‘taking’ as ‘talking’ – oh such optimism… Sometimes we read what we want to.

[1:06 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: 😂

[1:06 AM, 1/7/2020] Daisy: X night x

[1:07 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Like being manly and dominating you.

[1:08 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: You clearly seemed to like it!

[2:14 AM, 1/7/2020] FFF: Let me know if tomorrow is an option

And that’s how they leave it… Both optimistic and excited. Unknown to Daisy, one of them rather inebriated.


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