IKEA, drawers but no sex

I’m loving a storage journey. The word journey being vastly better than ‘nightmare’ which is its interchangeable equivalent. But I will not give up. I will not be broken. I will not be swallowed hole by my possessions.

IKEA will save me.

Well, the Malmn drawer set in light oak and white Finnish will give me more storage. And hopefully that will be a huge help. But I’ve only made one piece of IKEA furniture before and to be frank I was more Competent Crew than Yacht Master (the one who does the major navigation and steers the course when you are sailing). My father was directing the last project, so now, that I will be attempting this alone I though it best to seek support.

I’m new and pretty much friendless in my new location of residence save one man I went on two dates with, and my Bumble date from the other night.

I’m not a sexist – my Bumble date is my first call . But she is in the middle of a break up and if we spent the evening together with screwdrivers she is a crafter, and we might end up making a voodoo doll and that’s not going to bring either of us good karma. Tears, crafting and screwdrivers are not going to save me from my boxes 📦

So option two is the man who I went on dates with but who I managed to get to mutually agree to ‘just be friends’. He’s in tech. He’s good with his hands. They aren’t as sexy as the family friends hands which are making me melt, even as I write these words…

Tech guys hands are capable. Tech guy is good with making and mending. IKEA will not be an issue for a man who takes computers to bits for a living. I will save non alcoholic wine and tapas bars, and dog walks for my Bumble Date. She deserves nice things. Fun things. Escape things. She doesn’t need to spend an evening with an IKEA instruction manual and me being confused. That is not the best basis for our new friendship.

Instead I made an approach to Tech Guy.

Taramasalata, pitta bread and non alcoholic wine 🍷 would could be more tempting? And then hopefully I will get support building my IKEA drawer unit… I’m definitely hoping, and praying!

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