And then he accused me of fraud…

I wake up earlier than normal and automatically check my phone screen. It’s a mixed blessing having technology so close at hand. Sometimes you will be thrilled by an unexpected text from someone you have feelings for and feel that frisson of excitement flow throw you. At other times you wake up and think…

Jesus. Seriously? What the fuck?

The morning started with the threat of lies. And soon descended into the threat of a false criminal accusation. He said he was going to contact his credit card issuers and tell them the flight booking was a fraudulent transaction. Which of course would have lit my name up like a Christmas tree on the radar of law enforcement around the world. Threating no only my physical liberty but also my credit ration. I had placed a code on the booking so that when I felt better I could discuss buying the ticket off him. Instead, he lost the plot totally and I watched in disbelieve as on his Whatsapp account he threw his toys out of the pram. First, this was this ludicrous threat.

I wanted to pay for it. £350 I could do. But I wanted us to discuss this in person. Like adults? You know what I mean? But no. Suddenly he is threatening to attach my name to a ticket he purchased as a gift And say it was fucking fraud! And I’m shocked and saddened that someone who thought nothing of spending the money to fly his concubine out suddenly can’t have a frank discussion with me.

The next thing that happens is that he is in Bold font, screaming ‘Blackmail’ at me, alongside, ‘don’t you think you will get into legal trouble for that?’ Jesus. If I was going to blackmail you, babe, it would not be over a £350 flight. I’m not into extortion. Far too messy. I will just put a gipsy curse on you and watch and wait for life to start biting you back.

The last ex who fucked me over got obesity and a wingy bitch of a new wife. Yup. That’s got to hurt a bit.

I am not one to panic. But I was shocked by his decision to cancel the flight totally, and then angry at he could care so little for someone he was so ready to pay to fly out and fuck. Concubine here I was…

If warning bells had been gently playing in the breeze, I was now the bit inside the bell. My head reverberating with the clang of realisation that this man is selfish, self-serving and possibly evil. £350. That is what he wants back. A man who has millions stashed away and hidden from the poor wife who his is divorcing.

Eventually he says I can pay for the ticket. £350 – fine.

But oh no. It’s not just that. It’s the cost of the ticket and the £200 he gifted to me for my travel insurance. Does a gift no longer mean a gift? I know from experience I have been disciplined for even considering asking for presents back from ungrateful receivers but really?

This is all getting too expensive – so I bow out. A friendship is on its last legs now.

Everything happens for a reason. Listen to your gut. Listen to your intuition. The all-controlling angry little man I was now seeing was not one I wanted to go to bed with ever again.

Without careful consideration, I hastily send back a screenshot of the confirmation he sent me with “My pleasure” written underneath it. And follow that with, “I’m going to tell Sally everything.”

Even I now realize how bad this looks but I swear what I was saying was that I was going to tell his half divorced wife that I wasn’t staying with him if only he let me keep it. But let’s be frank. It didn’t look like that. And let’s be really honest. I was bloody angry and upset by this point, so if he misinterpreted it I wasn’t really fussed. I wanted to hurt him as much as he was hurting me, but in hindsight…

I was angry at myself for being so blind for so long to his lies about an ‘open marriage’ and his abuse of the unconditional love she had given him, and angry at him for being quite simply a shit.

Our friendship is over, but do I mind? Well only that he had come up with really extensive itineraries to the best cities in the world and now I won’t be able to borrow those… but maybe that’s Gods way of saying, “Go out there girl and make your own!”

From his bravado I knew he had a woman in every country and every city he visited. I knew he thought he was the dogs bollocks. I was now realizing he wasn’t a charming lady’s man. He was a self centered lotharion, franian and most definitely a cad of the highest order. I was disgusted that I could ever have been attracted to such an unattractive man.

But maybe that was the old me? A girl who had no self confidence and was blinded by the bling of a better life. I’m not that girl anymore.

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