Talent is sexy

The Women’s World Cup has been a breath of fresh air. Fit – in every sense of the word – women, displaying excellent ball skills and talent on the international stage. Orientation didn’t matter. Colour didn’t matter. What mattered was skill and tactics. And god, was it sexy.

Talent is sexy. Whether it’s football, cooking, an ability to load a dishwasher to its fullest capacity in a time effective manner, or kissing, done with skill, it’s bloody sexy.

And that’s the thing about modern sexuality, why pigeon hole yourself? Why restrict yourself?

I’ve kissed girls many a time. I’ve gone down on two. I’ve been fingered by two, and it’s been fun. But does that make a lesbian? Does that make me bisexual? Does it make me experimental? Does it fucking matter? No.

Life is for living. Life is for loving. Life is for finding the people, the places, the tastes, the feels that make you feel good.

But really? What makes someone sexy? Talent and skill with a good dose of modesty that makes me moist every time, and it can be either sex….

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