I wanted you, and I wanted you to love me…

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I wanted someone to love me,

and I wanted you.

But you could not make that one,

and the same.

Instead life keeps repeating,

And suddenly I’ve realized it’s me who must be the one to change.

Be the change you want to see,

And not just a static thing,

If you want to have the dream,

Learn to be your own hero and not

Need, or chase a King.

For life is fleeting,

And imperfect always.

So grasp the moments before they are seen retreating,

And learn to love yourself first and foremost,

It’s the only way you will stop this emotional beating.

Although the pain is fresh and raw,

See ahead, the open door.

So much opportunity and hope lies ahead.

It’s time to learn to love your single occupancy of your bed.

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