Silence – he’s just not that into you…

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I’ve heard nothing from Family Friend all week. And to be honest, although I’m disappointed I’m unsurprised. As much as I would love for this man to be in love with me, to want me, to need me, he isn’t ready for love. (As the old song goes or doesn’t…)

He is undoubtedly beautiful to look at, but his mind, I fear is still in pieces. Pieces of glass perhaps? Shiny, bright and yet with sharp edges. Edges that right now would cut me if we lay together. Our bodies moist and hot with the beads of sweat from our passion.

Where is he now?


Hopefully in bed?

More likely painting the walls of his new home.

Thinking of me?


And that’s the reality.

What it’s taken me 34 years to realise is, if they don’t text, if they find call, walk on, walk away.

They just aren’t that into you. Xoxo

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