If only he was funny and had a 5 year plan…

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The problem with trying to date when you are in love with one man who doesn’t love you, (the Family Friend) and then the other man you thought you loved (#mrunavailable) is as dangerous and toxic as they come is that no one else comes close to those you so desperately want to be with.

You swipe through dating apps, disregarding potential suitors as no one comes close in appearance to Mr Unavailable, his blonde floppy eyes and his Etonian drawl of upper-class breeding removing your knickers even before he enters the room. None of them has those manly hands of TFF, or those incredible lips, and sparkling eyes.

No. I waste my time with dating apps. I wast my time browsing. The men I want to don’t want me, so I should find more productive hobbies to fill my time.

I’m not demanding. I just want someone funny, and who maybe, just maybe has a five-year plan?

Below is some of the random banter with one potential – it got so bad we ended up talking about whether he fitted into a bed… Oh my life! 😦

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