If it had been a Guardian ‘Blind date’…

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I’ve always wanted to go on one of those Guardian ‘Blind Dates’ and since I’ve never been picked, I’ve decided a quick way to evaluate the date nights would be their score sheets.

Daisy on him

What were you hoping for?
A fun evening: I was excited to meet someone new.

First impressions?
We were both trying our best to talk and find some common ground, but it took a while.

What did you talk about?
How GOT ended. Would I be disappointed when I finally watch the whole of it in like, 10 years maybe? What the RAF was like. Where he came from. Transgender teaching in schools, ‘Fleabag’ author on how she was a tomboy and would have probably had the surgery but was now ok with being a woman. The state of politics. The fact bad posture could give you sciatica. The dangers of cobbles and heels. The quirkiness of the French language and their verb structures. What it was like to work with the French, and his travels to different parts of the world.

Any awkward moments?
When we arrived neither of us could get parked, so we’re both late and I felt responsible for the lack of parking. Then I dashed off to the bathroom and in my hurry left bag and phone with him. He joked he could have run off with my possessions and I pointed it out it was the first test and based on his profession if there was no trust how would the army/RAF function? Then there were parts I couldn’t understand him, either accent, mumbling or quiet voice, either was I looked a bit deaf. Then there was the bit when he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life… But not the RAF forever. Finally, when I dropped him at his car, he told me I was beautiful (I was flattered) and that he had had a lovely time and didn’t really want to get out of the car. I’ve always wanted to go out with a Scotsman but realistically, fatigued and tired I wanted to get him out and wasn’t sure how to make that point without seeming rude, so finally I said, ‘I really have to go!’. Hmmm. A bit awkward?!

Good table manners?
Seemed reasonable. I wondered if they underfeed members of the military forces as he ate very fast and all of it quickly.

The best thing about him?
He seemed genuinely interested in me. Maintained the conversation. Looked cute, and although didn’t arrive in a shirt, scraped past my dress sense requirements as he had a long dark sleeved unoffensive t-shirt and deck shoes with white soles so I told him he would be safe if he had any opportunities to go on any yachts with teak decks. Not the most normal part of any conversation and made me sound a bit ‘rah’.

Would you introduce him to your friends?
Ha! What’s left of my friendship group after ‘everything’ that’s happened? Lol. Yeah, but I wonder if he might feel a bit out of his depth? He doesn’t listen to the news or have any interest in current affairs. (And I love politics!)  I’ve yet to discover his hobbies other than reading. He said something odd and I thought maybe he was thinking I was a bit much? I wonder if we are from rather different worlds? I am focused on my goals, my dreams, where I want to go, do, be. He doesn’t know and doesn’t seem worried about not knowing. That shouldn’t be a problem, it shouldn’t matter, but sometimes it just might be.

Describe him in three words
Cute, tall, Scottish. (Sorry, I know there should have been an ‘interesting’ in there or an intelligent, but it was only a first date!)

What do you think she made of you?
He said he had a lovely time, that I was beautiful and had a great smile. I’m flattered, but I just wonder if the conversation would have lasted so long if he hadn’t managed to keep it going as long as he did?

Did you go on somewhere?
No. I was sooo tired! I drove him to his car and then went home for non-alcoholic wine and homemade pannacotta.

And… did you kiss?
I think he weighed it up and then went for the safe option of a hug. The problem is if he had gone in for one, would I have felt I should kiss him? He’s cute, but really kissing someone on the lips you have only just met? On the first, second? Maybe even a third date? I used to throw myself into bed with people, and now I’m becoming old fashioned, and make me a bit of a prude?

If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?
I would have looked closer at the menu. I got my pizza order wrong and ended up with one with chilli flakes. As someone who doesn’t like chilli, when I realised my error, for the first time in my life, I realised

Marks out of 10?

Would you meet again?
I don’t think we necessarily had a romantic connection, but I’d go for a drink again as friends. He has since asked if it was a date and I have avoided answering that one.

Afterthought – my new book – ‘Women Who Love Too Much’ – says that “You are not attracted to men who are kind, stable, reliable, and interested in you. You find such ‘nice’ men boring.”
Based on this there has to be a second date. Doesn’t there?

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