This is how bad I am. I’m in love with one man. I fancy the pants off another.I’m happy to be seduced and fucked by two others. While possibly keeping my hand in with some causal dating of others on the side.

But when I go to bed, if I’m not playing with my big black ‘f-off’ O Wand, I’m now addicted to the Satisfyer Power Flower and fantasizing about Suranne Jones in ‘Gentleman Jack’.

Now let’s get this straight, I’m sure there must be a guy out there who could get me off with oral. But I haven’t met him yet. Maybe I have and I just got too self conscious as time ticked by and I only vaguely began to stir with excitement, but really and truly, no. I’ve not been taken to the O-level by anyone. Yet.

The Satisfyer Power Flower has given me several orgasms. On the last play time (just now) eight, consecutive rollers. Yum.

And thinking about Suranne Jones as Anne Lister? Well, there is something terribly sexy about the character she is playing. Intelligent, brave, passionate and at times courageous. What’s not to get excited about? The music is great. The costumes terribly romantic. And yes, really. With the chaotic state of my love life right now, a combination of the the Satisfyer Power Flower and a hot intelligent lesbian do it for me nicely.

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