How could the sex be so good and yes the be so distant and uncaring?

It wasn’t the same as with Daisy’s first husband, because at least he had at least seemed to love her for a time, but Daisy could undoubtedly see similarities.

In the text Trudi, thinks that she can sleep her way into the affections of the man she loves, and delusional as this seems, Daisy can relate to this. Mr Unavailable, is good in bed. Not good enough to bring Daisy to the sort of orgasms she has with her toy collection, but close enough to pleasure in a physical state that she can be sated. However, without trust, their last bondage experience went to hell and Daisy honestly can’t see a way back from that.

Her new reading material is frighteningly close to home in its depiction of not only Daisy but some of her closest friends.

‘Women Who Love Too Much’ by Robin Norwood.

More to follow…

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