Forget ‘Ghosting’, now there is ‘Cloaking’…

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Full story in the article above but the relevance of this is that back in September when I met Mr Unavailable (think a combination of Christian Grey and Hugh Grant in ‘Bridget Jones’) our ‘relationship’ didn’t get off to a great start when he kept vanishing on me.

It’s a long story which you will in due time come to be aware of but the key point is that of someone disappears for days at a time when you don’t know them but do care, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Have they died in a freak accident? Or are they just bored?

You’ve just started to fall for them, and are they now dead? Even if they were it’s not like someone is going to tell you but none the less you do care. But today it turns out that ‘Ghosting’ has taken a darker turn. Say hello to ‘Cloaking’.

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