Saturday 20th of April 2019

[7:23 AM, 4/20/2019] Daisy: Morning – are you still heading up North today? Did last night go well? X

[12:12 PM, 4/20/2019] Daisy: Bet you are up to your ears with work darling but just wanted to give you a friendly reminder to try and catch up your sleep with naps if you can?

I send pictures of the under-bed restraints.

[12:13 PM, 4/20/2019] Daisy: Point of information ℹ they do seem to stretch, and I sort of managed to attach one wrist and hold the other rude but clearly that made a selfie hard!

[12:22 PM, 4/20/2019] Daisy: Last message because I know you don’t have time for chit chat –

  1. Happy Resurrection Day tomorrow – can I tempt you out on Monday for an early walk and maybe lunch? (the important bit 😊)

I know your company is in a key moment, but breaks can be good for the brain.

  1. I know you may never move past and be able to forgive me but I’m praying to God for forgiveness and guidance in the future –
  2. I’m not ‘*everyone+’ – I’m me – totally was unique and one of a kind.

Although I may not hold as much attraction since your decision on Friday, I do still care about you as a friend and am here for you if you ever need a hug or as someone for you to vent to.

Travel safe and don’t be a stranger x

[12:38 PM, 4/20/2019] Mr Unavailable: Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

[12:39 PM, 4/20/2019] Daisy: Bless you for sparing a moment for me 🙃 have a think about Monday x

She wishes he would just acknowledge her message.

Nothing. Silence. she’s getting the hint now.

Finally, as she flicks through my emails, and sees one asking for a review of Uberkinky. If he is so ‘kinky’ he probably knows about it, but if not, it might add some more colour to his life. I forward the link.

[7:27 PM, 4/20/2019] Daisy:


Daisy goes to Fiverr and posts a request for forgiveness of healing spell to help him.

(It will later transpire he was sick. Too sick to message?)

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